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Construction Inspection:

Construction Inspection

GEO Group Northwest, Inc., regularly performs construction monitoring and inspection services for new development projects. Oftentimes we are assigned as geotechnical special inspector for projects serving a dual role, both as an inspector for the city and as a representative of the owner. The purpose of geotechnical construction monitoring is to verify compliance with design plans and recommendations.

We have the staff, equipment and expertise to perform the following construction inspections:

Construction Inspection
  • Soil Compaction Testing via Nuclear Densometer
  • Soil Bearing Verification
  • Soil Proof-rolling
  • Augercast and Concrete Pile Installation
  • Shoring Installation
  • Steel Pile Installation, including Pin Piles
  • Tieback Anchor Installation (various types)
  • Dewatering & Subsurface Drainage Installation
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Soil-Cement Treatment Monitoring
  • Geopier and Short Aggregate Pier Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation, including various block walls
  • Lightweight Fill Placement
  • Methane Mitigation Installation
  • Rockery Construction
  • Erosion Control Installation & Maintenance
  • Various Slope Stabilization Options
  • Turbidity Monitoring

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