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Educational Facilities:

West Seattle High School, Seattle, WA


West Seattle High School, built in 1907, underwent a major renovation of its historic buildings in 2000. The project also involved the demolition of temporary buildings and the addition of 100,000 square feet of new building space. We provided a full array of geotechnical engineering services on the project, from conducting a subsurface investigation, characterizing soils and performing engineering analyses for foundation support to designing pavement sections and preparing recommendations for subgrade stabilization, backfill materials and play field drainage. In addition, our staff performed extensive construction monitoring, compaction testing and vibration monitoring.

Cooper Elementary School, Seattle, WA


GEO Group Northwest was awarded the Cooper Elementary School contract under the Seattle School District’s Building Excellence Program. Our firm performed a full geotechnical engineering study and conducted the earthwork monitoring during construction. The project encountered poor surface drainage condition, thick lenses of soft soils and three abandoned underground storage tanks and petroleum-contaminated soil. Solutions to these issues included targeted grading and development of a drainage system, the use of cement treatment to strengthen the soft soils and completion of a detailed Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, removal of the tanks and excavation and proper disposal of the contaminated soils. Photo courtesy of Seattle Public Schools.

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