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Site Assessments are usually performed to determine the potential presence of onsite environmental contamination. They review past and present operation of a site and its vicinity, looking for the use or storage of chemicals or signs of improper practices; signs of previous environmental investigations, and stained or malodorous soil or surface water. Our specially trained personnel use a systematic approach consistent with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.

A Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) includes the following tasks:

  • Visual site reconnaissance
  • Interview with owner and neighbors
  • Review of regulatory agency information regarding the site and surrounding area
  • Review of historical documents, aerial photographs and fire insurance maps to gather information on past property usage
  • Report on findings, conclusions and recommendations

A Phase II ESA is initiated when a Phase I indicates the potential existence of site contamination. The scope of a Phase II ESA is more comprehensive and conclusive. It determines the magnitude of contamination and defines the contamination in relation to extent, concentration and mitigation. We specialize in the planning and coordination of Phase II studies, as well as performing the intrusive investigation, soil and/or groundwater sample collection, analysis of the laboratory test results, and evaluation of the findings' associated health risks, including impact on groundwater. A site-specific health and safety plan is developed for each project potentially involving hazardous substances.

Phase III assessments involve site remediation options, cost estimating and monitoring site cleanup. These assessments often involve working with regulatory agencies and deciding on a remediation action. The Phase III ESA includes writing an Independent Remedial Action Plan that documents the removal and cleanup of the site. Once the remediation begins, we monitor the progress and take verification samples to confirm cleanup standards are met.

In addition to site assessments, our firm performs services for waste characterization, methane gas mitigation, underground storage tank investigation and closure, regulatory compliance, groundwater modeling and bio-remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons. We prepare documentation for voluntary cleanup submittals to the Department of Ecology (DOE) and assist clients obtain NFA (No Further Action) status with the DOE.

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