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GEO Group Northwest, Inc. provides complete geotechnical engineering services for construction projects from initial planning to final design and earthwork monitoring. Our geotechnical engineers and geologists assist engineers, architects, and planners with engineering analyses and data in determining the most suitable and economical foundation system as well as effective construction techniques for each individual project. The geotechnical engineering services we provide include:

  • Site exploration and characterization of subsurface soil and groundwater conditions
  • Planning and managing of test hole drilling and soil/rock sampling programs.
  • Laboratory testing for evaluation of soil and rock physical properties.
  • Evaluation of building foundation types and design parameters.
  • Soil and rock retaining system analysis and design, including tie-back anchored, soil-nailed shoring walls, and geo-synthetically reinforced earth walls.
  • Pile capacity analysis and recommendations.
  • Settlement analysis and pre-consolidation design.
  • Slope stability analysis and landslide remedial design.
  • Seismic response, soil liquefaction analysis and earthquake hazard studies.
  • Construction monitoring, including subgrade and foundation preparation, excavation monitoring, pipe pile driving, subgrade and backfill material compaction, ground anchor installation and testing, vibration monitoring and erosion control assessment.
  • Asphalt and concrete pavement design.
  • Methane collection system design.

GEO Group Northwest prepares geotechnical engineering studies for building structures, landslide stabilization, shoring wall design, foundation design, seismic analysis, and water main replacement.

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