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King County Fire Station No. 77, Kent, Washington

KCF Station 77

King County Fire District 37 turned to GEO Group Northwest to prepare the geotechnical engineering study for the fire station in Kent. We conducted a subsurface exploration of the 86,400 sq. ft. site and addressed issues related to foundation design, basement and retaining wall design parameters, subgrade preparation, drainage and erosion control. Our firm provided construction monitoring for the project. The completed project contains a two-story fire station with truck bays, driveways and 41 parking spaces. Photo courtesy of KCFD.

Beacon Hill Library, Seattle, Washington

Beacon Hill Library

GEO Group Northwest prepared a geotechnical engineering study for the new library that was built on a site formerly occupied by a commercial building. Our study included laboratory testing of soil samples, engineering analysis of field and laboratory data, preparing criteria for foundation design, site earthwork and pavement sections. During the subsurface investigation, contaminated soils were encountered and an environmental site assessment was performed to identify the contaminants and extent of contamination. We provided construction monitoring for the project. In addition to the Beacon Hill Library, our firm also prepared geotechnical engineering studies and performed construction monitoring for the Rainier Beach and North East libraries.

Miller Community Center, Seattle, WA

Miller Community Center

The Miller Community Center is an 18,000 sq. ft., two-story building with a 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium. Our scope of services included a subsurface exploration, soil classification, laboratory testing and foundation design. Due to site soil conditions, the western portion of the Center was designed to be supported on conventional spread footings while the eastern portion, which includes the gymnasium, was supported on a separate system consisting of augercast piles. Our geotechnical engineering study address site preparation, grading, foundation support, drainage, temporary excavation shoring and design parameters for basement and retaining walls. We performed earthwork quality control and construction monitoring.

Water Main and Line Replacement

Our firm has worked with Seattle Public Utilities on projects replacing water mains in the Seattle area. The scope of work on these projects involved subsurface investigations to characterize surface and subsurface soil conditions, evaluate slope stability in City designated Environmentally Critical Areas, develop geotechnical design parameters for temporary restraint structures and prepare recommendations for handling liquefaction and settlement issues. GEO Group Northwest also developed a user-friendly, interactive computer program for SPU to design thrust blocks for water lines for a full range of pipe diameters and soil conditions.

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