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Crofton Springs, Issaquah, Washington

Crofton Springs

The master-planned community of Crofton Springs is located in the Issaquah Highlands development, featuring three story row houses, three story cottages and two story carriage houses. We conducted a subsurface investigation, analyzed soil samples for moisture content, soil type and engineering properties, and prepared recommendations for subgrade stabilization, drainage, foundation support, backfill compaction and retaining wall parameters. GEO Group Northwest provided quality assurance, testing services and construction monitoring throughout the project. The photo is courtesy of the architects for the project, Weber + Thompson.

Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre, Renton, Washington

Merrill Gardens

Our firm conducted a geotechnical engineering study for the planned five-story retirement center with a two-story parking garage. Based on the soil conditions encountered, we developed criteria for temporary excavation shoring, foundation support, drainage and pavement. We provided the owner foundation alternatives for dealing with the on-site loose soils and silts. Our firm performed construction monitoring and compaction testing for the project, and managed the cleanup of abandoned underground fuel storage tanks discovered on site during the installation of pipe piles. The photo is courtesy of Merrill Gardens.

First and Lee Condominiums, Seattle, Washington

First and Lee

Our firm performed a geotechnical engineering study for the seven-floor condominium development that includes below ground parking. We conducted a geotechnical engineering investigation of the site developing criteria for shoring, foundations, site preparation, structural fill, backfilling, retaining walls and drainage. Our firm performed construction monitoring throughout the project and worked with the client to obtain a dry season grading extension and resolving environmentally critical area issues.

Twenty-Sixty-One Condominium Development, Seattle, Washington

Merrill Gardens

Our firm completed a geotechnical engineering study for the condominium development, preparing recommendations for site preparation, excavations, use of structural fill, foundation design, retaining walls and drainage. In addition, we prepared a soldier pile supported shoring wall design which allowed for the building to be located in close proximity to the property lines. GEO Group Northwest performed construction monitoring and special inspections throughout the project.

Private Residence, 1403 McGilvra St., Seattle, Washington

Merrill Gardens

GEO Group Northwest, Inc. was the geotechnical engineer of record for the project for the City of Seattle. We provided all special geotechnical inspections as well as monitored site excavation and all phases of construction.

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